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sevivi is a python package and command line tool to generate videos of sensor data graphs synchronized to a video of the sensor movement.


Sevivi is designed to render plots of sensor data next to a video that was taken synchronously, synchronizing the sensor data precisely to the video. It allows you to investigate why certain patterns occur in your sensor data based on the exact moment in the video.

It can be used as a command-line program or a library for more advanced usage, and the following video types are supported:

  • Render sensor data with IMUs next to a video with skeleton data

  • Render sensor data with IMUs next to a video provided together with IMU data

  • Render arbitrary sensor data next to a video, synchronizing with manual offsets


Install the package from pypi:

pip install sevivi


Check out the usage documentation, please! If you just want to render a video to get started, keep reading. After you have downloaded the repository, you can use our test data. Run the following:

git clone
cd sevivi/
pip install sevivi
sevivi test-files/test-data-configs/kinect_sync_squatting.toml

If you want to use sevivi as a library, you can copy-paste the following code into your project. You should download our test files for this to run immediately.

import pandas as pd

from sevivi.config import RenderConfig, ManuallySynchronizedSensorConfig
from sevivi.image_provider import GraphImageProvider, VideoImuCaptureAppImageProvider
from sevivi.video_renderer import VideoRenderer

video_provider = VideoImuCaptureAppImageProvider(

# create a GraphImageProvider for each of your sensors
sensor_config = ManuallySynchronizedSensorConfig()
sensor_config.offset_seconds = 0.0 = "Human-Readable Name"
sensor_config.path = "test_files/sensors/imu_synchronization/camera_imu.csv.gz"
data = pd.read_csv(sensor_config.path, index_col=0, parse_dates=True)
graph_image_provider = GraphImageProvider(data, sensor_config)

# render the video
renderer = VideoRenderer(RenderConfig(), video_provider, [graph_image_provider])

Template Credits

This package was created with Cookiecutter and the pyOpenSci/cookiecutter-pyopensci project template, based off audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage.